The "HOROW" brand belongs to Changsha Xijian Muxingren Sales Co., Ltd. It is a development idea of integrating online e-commerce and offline new retail with the development of smart home ecological chain construction. It mainly uses smart toilets, bathroom mirrors, The sink is a comprehensive innovative high-tech enterprise with smart home products. In the future, HOROW will focus on promoting the intelligentization of bathroom and household products. The brand will complete the intelligent iteration of all categories of products in the next two years.


The story takes place in Italy at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Moretti's ancestor, a designer used by the royal family, was favored by the royal family at that time by making royal home furnishings. Thirty years later, Moretti’s third son, the son of his father’s business, has expanded the home furnishing industry to various bathroom facilities in order to adapt to the changing needs of the nobles’ lifestyles. The Moretti family, in this era, can be said to be the leader of the Italian home furnishing industry, and the products present a unique style: gorgeous and noble.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Chinese economy after the reform and opening up has sprung up. The Chinese people whose living standards are constantly improving have an increasing demand and requirements for sanitary products. At the same time, our HOROW company is also paying attention to the development of China's sanitary ware market, and has been looking for a suitable time to enter the market. In the process of continuously learning the experience and innovation of Moretti's predecessors, HOROW entered the Chinese e-commerce platform in 2013. After eight years of development, HOROW has won the top ten sanitary ware brands in China and entered the US market in 2018. Since then, HOROW's dream of landing in the United States has been best realized.

With the deepening of the cooperation, the chairman of HOROW decided to establish the horowhome website in order to better integrate the concept of HOROW brand culture into the living habits of Americans. As a result, a series of new bathroom products that inherited the Chinese and Italian bathroom culture and combined the needs of American consumers were born. Its name is HOROW.

HOROW at this moment is leading the new fashion of the future bathroom space in the United States!


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HOROW team got many positive reviews and loyal customer because of the fashionable and humanized design of our products. It’s a great honour for HOROW. We will never stop and will continue to bring you the ideal products for updating your bathroom and kitchen!